Training seminars in Athens

In the framework of the LikeHome project, training seminars were organised in Athens, Greece by EuroTraining for government/regional officers and qualifications assessment bodies, responsible for the skills assessment of newly arrived migrants.

LikeHome event in Vienna

The LikeHome Team organized two very successful events, where 60 Migrants who are currently planning their future careers and educational paths in Austria, participated. During these events the LikeHome framework was presented and a workshop related to recognizing and visualizing competences was conducted.


Likehome workshop in Kristianstad Sweden

In Sweden the Likehome workshop took place in Kristianstad in October 2018.

Presentation of the project and its background was done. The results and the products was presented and participates gave positive feedback on the material.

Likehome event in Malmö Sweden

The project Likehome was presented at the Developing day that took place in Malmö in October 2018 with participates from Adult education organisations and teachers.

The project was presented and information and flyers was handed out.

Focus Group

Last Friday, the 14 of September, a Focus Group in the framework of the LikeHome project took place at the premises of the University of Alicante. The main objective of the meeting was to test the recently developed e-tools meant to help newly arrived migrants and refugees to find an education opportunity in their new host countries. The group was compounded of the participants originating from Ukraine, Colombia and Russia, as well as professors of the University of Alicante. The members of the group followed all the steps necessary to create an account, complete the online tests, create an e-portfolio and navigate through the e-database to find information about the educational system of the different countries included.

The findings of the Focus group will help to improve the platform for its best use in the future.


“Refugees Day” – Traineeship in Kassel

Pathing the way for newly arrived migrants to the German Labour market the District of Kassel invented the “Refugees Day” – a sort of speed dating between refugees and employers. For one day refugees could attend a traineeship in a company and both sides get an impression, if the work is suitable and the worker is suitable for the employer. With the help of “LikeHome” this initiative has produced a video to share as an example for best practice in Europe.

Adaptation of Best Practices

The Report of Adaptation of Seven Best Practices produced within our project LikeHome details the needs and challenges regarding the integration of newly arrived migrants and refugees into the labor market and education system of the receiving society. The purpose of this report is to provide useful information to be used to underline and understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of adaptation of the seven best practices, based on previous analysis of them made by LikeHome partnership consortium. Target groups that were involved in this research are mainly non EU refugees with and without status, low skilled newly arrived migrants/refugees, unemployed migrants, refugees applying for asylum, newly arrived migrants from South-Eastern-Europe. Local economy representative, vocational education trainers’ representative, government representative.


Project Meeting in Bologna

The Like Home Project management meeting took place at the department of Psychology of the University of Bologna on the 13th of June 2018. All the partners were present and contributed to the discussion on the status of the project implementation. A fruitful debate took place on the way forward for the upcoming activities. A special emphasis was placed on looking for strategies to further disseminate the project at national and European level.