Expert Advisory Board

The Expert Advisory Board consists of experts and representatives from education, civil society, scientific communities and local economies of several European countries. The Board will be involved in the research phase of LikeHome by evaluating the findings of qualitative and quantitative data collections. Furthermore, the external experts are important actors in the evaluation and monitoring process in the project. They give essential input from their host society and are therefore significantly involved in guarantying the success of LikeHome.

Paola Bonifacci

Paola Bonifacci is a senior researcher in cognitive psychology. She is involved in studies regarding learning disorders and learning processes in schools. Her main activity is in the evaluation of cognitive and literacy skills of bilinguals. She investigated the relationship between the first and the second language and developed psychometric tools for the assessment of bilingual profiles. Furthermore, she generated experience in building collaborative networks among schools, national health services centres and Universities.

Luis Costa

Luis Costa is the executive director of ANESPO, which is the “National Association of Professional Schools” in Portugal. In the field of education and training, he is currently working in the areas of skills anticipation and matching, curriculum innovation, transition from school to active life and early school leaving. Between 1985 and 2000, he worked for CGTP, as director of the training centre and member of the board of the “Bento de Jesus Caraça Professional School”.

He was a member of the board of the “Innovation in Training Institute” (INOFOR) and of the “Portuguese Institute for Management of ESF” (IGFSE) and a key expert for ESF (European Social Fund) management and implementation in Romania.

Josef Faustmann

As a certified coach and trainer, Mr Josef Faustmann has in the past 25 years, acquired a broad experience working with disadvantaged group of people, especially migrants and refugees. Mr. Faustamnn’s work focuses on teaching of German as a foreign language. He graduated from the “University of Teacher Education Vienna”. Mr. Faustmann is credentialed by the ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) and is certified course examiner. He regularly attends various seminars, trainings and conferences related to gender mainstreaming and diversity trainings.

Alessio Flego

Allesio Flego is Managing Director of “Sprinter”, which is a professional business unit founded in 2009 that offers to local public and private bodies consultancy in project management, financial management and communication in the field of national, EU and international funds.

Alessandro Giusti, PhD

Dr. Alessandro Giusti is a senior research engineer at CyRIC Ltd and the manager of the mechatronics and embedded systems group. He holds a bachelor degree in electrical computer engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a PhD in mechanical systems engineering from the laboratory of robotics, Politecnico di Milano. His expertise extends to software development, databases, embedded systems design and integration, embedded electronics, microcontrollers programming, automation, robotics and the internet of things. He has extended experience in RTD projects and technical management with participation in 8 EU and 10 National projects in Cyprus, Greece and Italy. He has a track record of more than 20 publications in journals and conferences.

Mag. Barbara Krammer-Grandits, MA

Mag. Barbara Krammer-Grandits, MA is a human resources manager in the healthcare sector.
She studied business and law at the University of Economic Sciences in Vienna. In her first study programme she focussed on public management. After gaining several years of experience in the banking sector, she took a second master programme at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland in Eisenstadt in which she specialised in HR-Management and Austrian labour law.

Ulla-Alexandra Mattl

Ulla-Alexandra Mattl is working for the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLL-P) as project manager and is involved in all EU projects LLL-P participates in. She has been working as an EU Affairs Consultant in the higher education sector and previously for EUNIC (European Union Institutes for Culture), for the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, as well as a consultant for several media companies in London. Ulla holds a master degree in cultural policy and management from the “City University” in London and a master degree in French and Finno-Ugric Studies from the University of Vienna.

Jorge Mostany

Jorge Mostany holds a Doctor in Chemistry. He was professor of the chemistry department of the USB (Universidad Simon Bolivar) since 1995, specialized in teaching and research in the area of electrochemistry until retirement in 2015. Furthermore, he is president of the “Venezuelan Society for Chemistry”.

Symeon Retalis

Symeon Retalis has a phd in Computer Engineering. His research interests lies on the development of eLearning systems, hypermedia systems design, and human computer interaction. He serves in the editorial board of international journals and participates in a computer-human-interaction special interest group. Symeon Retalis has participated and coordinated several research and development projects. Furthermore, he has published six books and more than 100 articles in journals and edited volumes and is scientifically responsible for the CoSyLlab (Computer Supported Learning Engineering) research group.

Tarighy Reza

Mr Tarighy Reza comes from Iran and has migrated to Austria in 2011. He has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by migrants and refugees when they move to a new environment. In Austria he attended the preparatory course for the apprenticeship leave exam in the field of office administration. At the same time he started his internship as a trainer at the course provider´s institution and has gained an extensive amount of experience in the field of conception and implementation of learning trainings for refugees and migrants. His Farsi and German knowledge has allowed him to reach out to individuals who come from different backgrounds and prepare them for the successful integration into the labour market. Following successful completion of the apprenticeship leave exam in the field of office administration in Austria, he began to work as job coach at the Job-TransFair GmbH.

Ivan Sgandurra

Ivan Sgandurra is working in the management of EU projects since 1998. His expertise fields are the management of European Territorial Cooperation projects (Interreg) and financial management and partner coordination. In the last years he has been working in France, Italy and Finland, coordinating projects under several different EU programmes such as LLP, “Leonardo and Grundtvig”, “National Structural Funds (ERDF)”, “Interreg”, “DG HOME – Return”, “pre PROGRESS” and “PROGRESS” programmes of the “DG EMPL”, for several different Universities and Networks. Since 2003 he has been teaching European project management at the “Venice International University”.

Maria Sytziouki

Dr. Maria Sytziouki is working as consultancy expert in the field of continuing education and intercultural education. She also has broader consultancy experience in the fields of career guidance and counseling with specialization in vulnerable groups (women, immigrants and illiterates). She works as adjunct lecturer at the “University of Macedonia” and “Aristotle University of Thessalonica”. Dr. Sytziouki has been granted a Post-Doctoral scholarship of excellence from the research committee of “Aristotle University” for developing an instrument for the assessment of educators and counselors intercultural competences. Furthermore, she is a tutor at the “Hellenic Open University” in the field of educational management.

Luca Tomesani

Luca Tomesani is full professor in “Technology and Processes” at the “University of Bologna”. He is furthermore the head of the “Centre for Industrial Research in Advanced Mechanics and Materials”. His particular commitment to industrial research has lead to deep links with local industries. Actually, most of his ongoing projects are funded by private companies. He participates in national or local boards and committees related to innovation creation and industrial strategies.

Milica Tomic

Ms Milica Tomic originally comes from Serbia, and now lives in Vienna, Austria. She has extensive experience as counselor and project coordinator in projects related to the advising and integrating of migrants and refugees as well as topics related to education, recognition of foreign qualifications and labour market. She works as a counselor at the Counselling Centre for Migrants Vienna. Her working focus lies in the coordination of contact points for persons with qualifications gained abroad. In addition, she has also developed and implemented a seminar on the topic „Professional comprehension of the educational and vocational coordinate system of migrants“. Ms Tomic is a co-author of the book „Migration and apprenticeship: about the causes of different usage of the Austrian apprenticeship placement offer“. She holds a degree in educational sciences from the faculty of philosophy for the “Belgrade University” in Serbia.

Jenny Giambalvo-Rode

Jenny Giambalvo-Rode is the Head of the Language Department of the Adult Education Centre of the Region of Kassel. She is responsible for the general education management and European project management. She worked on several Erasmus+-Projects and is actually part of a Project dealing with structured education for refugees. She was part of the development of the online learning material for the manual Key A 1 and worked for the Hessian Institute of Adult Education in Frankfurt/Main. She lectures for the National Conference for language learning in Germany and for the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

Roswitha Wöllenstein

Dr. Roswitha Wöllenstein is Teamleader for labour market and securing skilled personnel at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kassel-Marburg. She is responsible for developing successful strategies for the maintenance of qualified employees and for the integration of refugees in the labour market. Furthermore she is in charge for vocational orientation. She is member of the advisory board of the Jobcenter District of Kassel (responsible for bringing people with a period of unemployment of more than one year in the labour market) and the advisory board of an initiative of the Regional Management of Northern Hesse and the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck to build up a father friendly corporate culture.

Markus Hüther

Markus Hüther is Senior Executive and Organization Manager of the Educational Centre of the Chamber of Handicrafts Kassel. He is representing the Managing Director. As a Faculty Manager he is responsible for the Faculty “Job Market Services” and the Faculty “Nutrition/Hairdressing”. The Educational Centre (BZ) is one of the biggest vocational education centers in the northern part of Hesse and is already supplying special training courses for refugees. He has an ongoing routine in Erasmus+ and national programs.

Horst Böhme

Horst Böhme is the Head of the Accomodation- and Consulting Center for juvenile refugees, immigrants and late resettlers for vocational schools for the City and the District of Kassel. He is secondmented to the Ministry of Education in Hessen. His range of experience covers the practical knowledge of teaching refugees and disadvantaged juveniles up to the organization and planning of special training courses in vocational schools for juveniles with an integration background.

Marivi Pérez Mateo

Phd candidate in arabic and islamic studies. Autonoma University of Madrid. President of Association “for interculturality in Alicante, BABELIA”, with development projects about social conditions of migration in Spain and intercultural mediation. Currently, Coordinator of Intercultural Services for Immigrant. Immigrant Department. City town Alicante.

Mohamed Ajabli

He has a degree in Law. He has been vice-secretary of the Islamic High Council of the Valencian Community (CISCOVA) and Vice-president of the Association of Moroccan immigrants of Alicante (AIMRA). He is currently Secretary of the Association of San Vicente de Raspeig (Alicante).

Souad Kchitil El Haraj

She has a degree in Arabic Philology and a Specialist in Mediation from the University of Alicante. She is Intercultural Mediator of the Valencian Community (REG No. ARMI91). He has participated in numerous activities related to equality, immigration, mediation and social intervention. At the moment she is technician and mediator in the program “Social Cohesion in the School” of the Department of Immigration of the City council of Alicante and managed by the Labor Association.