Target Group

LikeHome focuses on the inclusion of newly arrived migrants and refugees, by facilitating their prior knowledge assessment and by supporting the integration in the labour market. Even though the aforementioned target groups present similarities and many of their needs are common, they both have unique characteristics that need to be properly addressed. Newly arrived migrants, who are arriving for economic reasons, are by definition better prepared for immigration, since they usually plan this procedure for several months. They usually bring formal educational certifications, which can be recognised by the host country. On the other hand, refugees, in most cases, do not have time or chance to plan their emigration. Thus, in many cases, refugees do not have any proof of their formal qualifications or prior learning in their countries of origin. This creates additional obstacles for them in their quest for establishment in the host country.

LikeHome plans to create proper solutions for both groups. This includes the development of the LikeHome framework and the e-assessment tool. Of course, migrants and refugees will benefit from the project in the long term, but there are also other stakeholders for whom the results of LikeHome are of interest, i.e. authorities responsible for migration or certification bodies. In addition, policy makers and vocational education training providers will be able to make use of several project deliverables. Also, the scientific community will be addressed by LikeHome in order to use the findings of LikeHome for further studies.