Pilot application of the LikeHome framework in Greece

The participants of the training seminars that EuroTraining organised in Athens, Greece were asked to use the LikeHome tools to assess the skills and prior knowledge of 51 newly arrived migrants in Greece. In this way, the framework was put into practice and delivered its first tangible results for the migrants.

In order to facilitate this procedure, EuroTraining organised workshops in their training facilities in central Athens, were migrants (through their representatives and associations) and refugees were invited. The migrants and refugees, with the help of the LikeHome team, as well as with the help of trained officers and NGO members had their skills assessed using the LikeHome e-tools. The workshops were also useful as a means of project results dissemination, as well as for networking for the refugees and newly arrived migrants.

Since it was not possible to have all 51 migrants’ skills assessed on a single day, several workshops/assessment days were organised by EuroTraining, having the migrants/refugees coming in smaller groups. The workshops took place from late November 2018 until early February 2019.

Most of the migrants were from Albania (13/51) and Pakistan (11/51). The rest were from Italy, Switzerland, Canada, USA, UK, Russia, Germany, India, Iran, Ukraine, China, France, Nigeria, Lebanon and Egypt. As a minimum requirement for a preliminary assessment, the migrants had to complete the LikeHome e-assessment and fill-in their portfolio with their basic information (including an upload of the e-assessment certificate and information on their education and/or last employment).

The officers and NGO members participating in the workshops (12 people) were asked to evaluate the framework and tools after its application through questionnaires.



The participants were also asked to evaluate the LikeHome framework in practice through three simple questions:

  1. How easy and quick was it to use the e-assessment tool in practice? Scale 1-20 (20 easiest possible)
  2. How easy and quick was it to use the e-portfolio in practice? Scale 1-20 (20 easiest possible)
  3. How easy and quick was it to use the database in practice? Scale 1-20 (20 easiest possible)

The following feedback was collected for question 1:

The following feedback was collected for question 2:

The following feedback was collected for question 3:

The average feedback score is 19.17/20, which corresponds to 95.83% positive feedback.

General feedback received is also summarised in the following points:

  • The e-portfolio is not always easy to create by the person alone. Nevertheless, with the help of an expert is becomes easy
  • The database is useful, but only for migrants that are planning their migration beforehand
  • The e-assessment tests are pretty easy to use for every type of user
  • Official recognition of skills, still has to go through the official channels, but projects like LikeHome can pave the way for improving official procedures
  • It would be nice to translate all project tools to more languages